DG300 Series

Power in a small package – that’s the DG300 Series power supplier from Tri-Mag. A 300 Watt (with a 600 Watt peak) semi-open frame power supply delivers 5.4 Watts per cubic inch across a neat 4.2” x 8” x 1.65” frame. That’s some serious power in a small space! Each unit has a built in Active Power Factor Correction which produces an efficiency between 89% and 91%, depending on the model. There’s no wasted money because there’s little wasted power.

This model comes with an overload protection of up to 150% rated load. Power surges won’t interrupt your power supply. Free Air Convection keeps the unit from overheating, giving you a constant power source. This high efficiency series is ideal for information technology, telecommunications and medical applications. Data acquisition and instrumentation testing are also great uses for this unit.

The DG300 Series is the perfect choice for your mid-range power supplier needs.

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  • High Efficiency
  • Active PFC
  • Single Output
  • Universal input 90VAC to 264VAC


  • IT Applications
  • Medical Applications
  • Telecommunications
  • Test Instrumentation Product
  • Data Acquisition
  • Other Applications

NOTES: Contact factory for Safety Agency Approved status.

  1. Each output can provide up to peak load temporarily. Continuous operation at greater than rated load is not allowed.
  2. At factory, in 60% rated load condition, each output is checked to be within voltage accuracy.
  3. Line regulation is defined by changing ± 10% of input voltage from nominal line at rated load.
  4. Load regulation is defined by changing ± 40% of measured output load from 60% rated load.
  5. The ripple and noise is measured by using a 15MHz bandwidth limited oscilloscope. Each output is terminated with a 0.47 µF capacitor at rated load and nominal line.
  6. Hold up time is measured from the end of the last charging pulse to the time when the main output drops down to 95% output voltage at rated load and nominal line.
  7. Efficiency is measured at rated load.
wdt_ID Part No. Safety Input Outlook Output Voltage Wattage Size (mm) Size (in) EMI Standby Loss PFC PDF SPECS 3D PDF 3D CAD IGS/STEP