Electrical Components for Industrial Technology

Motors and variable speed (frequency) drives associated with CNC equipment, HVAC blowers, elevator controls, and other motor controls can create electrical interference within data communications, mobile communications, displays, area lighting, etc. EMI/RFI Filters used in Industrial Technology help reduce interference noise levels to a degree that prevents service interruptions and improve data integrity.

  • Facility Filters
  • Energy Efficient (LED) Lighting – filters
  • Variable Speed/Frequency Drives – filters
  • Blowers
  • Machinery
  • Refrigeration Control
  • Control Boxes – blocks & filters
  • Electrical Substations – controls & blocks
  • LED Municipal Outdoor/Street Lighting – filter & blocks

RFI Line Filters Keeping Industrial Equipment Running Smoothly

RFI line filters suppress electrical interference generated by industrial equipment. Superior RFI filters manufactured by Tri-Mag, LLC are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality. A reliable RFI filter from the electrical component manufacturers at Tri-Mag, LLC guarantees optimal data communication integrity in surrounding electronics. Each and every RFI line filter manufactured at Tri-Mag, LLC meets FCC emissions and safety regulations for electrical interference output.