Medical Power Supplies

Desktop AC-DC Power Supplies (Medical)

Switching Power Supplies for Diverse Applications

Tri-Mag offers a wide range of highly efficient, low cost switching power supplies. From open frame power supplies to ATX power supplies, our diverse line of switching power supplies is sure to meet your unique needs. Our vast selection of quality power supplies includes the zero voltage, hot swap, and desktop series switching power supplies.

We provide detailed information on all our medical and industrial power supplies to help you determine the best product for your application. You can find detailed specification sheets associated with all our power supplies via the linked product thumbnails above.

Choose the Right Power Supply for your Need

For off-the-shelf power supply solutions, Tri-Mag has open frame, enclosed, ATX and adaptor units available in a variety of wattages for IT, industrial and medical applications. Open frame power supplies are available in the widest range of wattages and air cool much faster than enclosed units.

Lacking any kind of protection means open frame power supplies can only be used in situations where they are safe from anything contacting them. Enclosed power supplies do not have the same watt range as open frame units, but their max wattage is the same. The case on enclosed power units ensures no damage is caused by environmental factors, allowing them to be used almost anywhere. ATX supplies are cheap, dependable sources of AC or DC power primarily intended for use in computers. Power adaptors are a great choice for low wattage uses like powering computer peripherals, credit card readers or other small electronic devices. Whatever your power source requirement, Tri-Mag has the unit you need.

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