Electronic Components for Instrumentation Technology

Tri-Mag, LLC is the premier manufacturer of high quality electronic components for instrumentation technology. Only the highest quality instrumentation technology provides the level of precision and control necessary in process automation. Each and every electronic component manufactured by Tri-Mag, LLC for instrumentation technology is designed for optimum quality and tested for 100% safety and performance. From thoroughly tested RFI power line filters to expertly engineered terminal blocks, Tri-Mag, LLC is the unrivaled manufacturer of quality electronic components for instrumentation technology.

RFI Power Line Filters Tested for Excellence

Each and every RFI Filter manufactured by Tri-Mag, LLC undergoes comprehensive, computer-controlled testing to ensure the highest level of safety and performance. We are committed to providing the RFI filter solution to even the most demanding requirements. Our high quality EMI line filters are vigorously tested and guaranteed to meet FCC emissions and safety regulations for radiant and conducted radio frequency interference.