Electrical Components for Machinery Control

EMI/RFI Filters for Machinery Controls

Tri-Mag, LLC manufactures machinery control components for a wide variety of commercial and industrial machines. These DIN rail mounted control boxes and variable speed drives enable consistent and reliable operation for elevators, CNC machines, traffic lights and other industrial equipment. Tri-Mag, LLC produces customized machine control components including:

  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Control Boxes
  • Elevator Control Boxes
  • CNC Machine Control Boxes
  • Traffic Light Control Boxes

RFI Filters for Variable Speed Drives

Variable speed drive (VSD) devices are vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation from any electric motors they control as well as surrounding electronic equipment. Tri-Mag, LLC manufactures EMI/RFI filters for these critical machine control components, preventing malfunctions due to ambient electromagnetic interference. Variable speed drives must comply with FCC regulations for received and emitted radio spectrum radiation.  Bring VSDs and all other electronic equipment into FCC compliance with quality EMI/RFI filters from Tri-Mag, LLC.

EMI Filters for Machine Control Devices

Machinery control systems are required to comply with FCC regulations for received and emitted EMI/RFI radiation. Control boxes require proper electromagnetic noise suppression equipment in order to operate smoothly. Heavy machinery can malfunction due to insufficient EMI/RFI shielding and mitigation, leading to machine inoperability, damage, and even worksite hazards. Tri-Mag, LLC is the leading manufacturer of RFI filters for machine control boxes.