Electrical Components for Commercial Use to Generate Profit

Top Electrical Component Manufacturers EMI & RFI Filter for Commercial Equipment

EMI/RFI filters reduce the electronic noise interference associated with switching power supplies used in high efficiency, i.e. LED, lighting. Power line filters also reduce noise generated by variable frequency drives used in elevators and other medium power motor driven equipment.

Electrical Systems for Commercial Operations

Tri-Mag, LLC specializes in customized electrical engineering supplies for commercial industries. RFI filters and EMI filters bring your business’ electrical hardware into FCC compliance. Tri-Mag, LLC performs rigorous testing on RFI and EMI filters to meet all applicable regulatory and design requirements. Shield your commercial equipment to prevent interference, disruptions and damage caused by electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

RFI Filters for Commercial Equipment

Elevator motors produce powerful and intermittent electromagnetic interference. Tri-Mag, LLC manufactures power filtering solutions for elevator and escalator drives. Bring industrial elevators to FCC compliance using EMI filters from Tri-Mag, LLC and start protecting nearby electrical equipment from disruptive or damaging electromagnetic radiation.

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