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Custom Components and Electrical Accessories

Tri-Mag, a proud partner of Tri-Mag, LLC, is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality power supplies and accessories including:

Founded over three decades ago, Tri-Mag has both the experience and commitment to customer satisfaction that is needed to provide a product that is far superior to that of our closest competitors.  We will work with you individually in order to ensure that we design a product that is up to your individual standards.  Our staff of highly knowledgeable experts makes us one of the leading electronic component suppliers on the market.

Buy Electronic Supplies at Affordable Prices

Due to the low margin of error and overall intricate nature involved in electronics, finding long-lasting, well built, electrical supplies can be a painstaking endeavor.  Components made overseas are more often than not poorly made, utilize sub-par raw materials, and do not comply with industry standards.  Quality electronic part suppliers are hard to come by, and are often few and far between.  However, Tri-Mag in partnership with Curtis industries is here to provide custom power supplies that are built to last.  All of our products come backed with our quality guarantee, and we actively inspect our electrical components for quality control.

Electronical Component Store for Industrial Applications

Tri-Mag is an electrical parts supplier for a wide variety of different industries.  Currently we supply our products to the telecommunications industry, make military applications, and even provide the EMI-RFI filters that are used in many medical devices (pacemakers, defibrillators, etc.)  We understand just how important of a service that we provide.  Therefore we strive to manufacture only the best electrical and electronic components currently available.

For more information on any of our distributors, our available products, or for any feedback/concerns, feel free to contact one of electrical component specialists today!

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