Wide Band

Single Phase Filter Cutouts

Reliable Single Phase EMI Filters

Tri-mag has years of experience in manufacturing RFI filters for commercial applications, military, aerospace, medical and telecom industries.  We produce a variety of EMI filters like DC, three phase, medical, power entry and single phase filters to give you the right RFI filter for your business.  The single phase filters manufactured at Tri-mag are for reducing RFI in 250VAC applications.  We manufacture high performance, general purpose and wide band single phase filters to suit your electrical component needs.  The single phase RFI filters are ideal for switching power supplies, commercial applications, and military and telecom industries.

Wide Band Single Phase EMI Filters

Single phase wide band RFI filters are general purpose filters with higher frequency insertion loss to provide more effective suppression of common and differential mode noise.  The single phase wide band filter is generally used as a reliable military RFI filter to ensure sea, ground and airborne vehicles have clear communication.  Tri-mag manufactures a variety of wide band single phase filters.  Our wide band single phase RFI filters range from F5100 series power line filters for suppression of common mode and differential mode noise to high performance F5900 series wide band EMI filters for switching power supply emissions.  Check out our high quality single phase wide band RFI filters below to select the right electrical component for your business.

Experienced Electrical Component Manufacturers

Tri-mag has been manufacturing high quality custom electrical components for over 70 years.  We use only the best materials and provide extensive quality control tests to ensure you receive the most reliable electrical components. Our dependable electrical components include terminal blocks, RFI filters, relay sockets and DIN rail blocks for multiple industries.   We take pride in manufacturing the best electrical components to provide the most innovative engineering solutions for your business.