EMI/RFI Power Line Filters

Manufacturing & Delivering Consistent Quality EMI/RFI Power Line Filters

The normal functioning of many electronic devices emits interference which can disrupt or prevent the usage of other electronics. Electromagnetic interference can either be conducted or radiated. Conducted interference is limited to anything in physical contact with the interference-generating circuit. Radiated interference, called Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), spreads in radio waves, causing it to disrupt nearby equipment.

Large numbers of components in a small space, like a power supply or computer, can generate a large amount of interference. EMI/RFI power line filters are specially designed to prevent interference with other devices by blocking the high-frequency signals associated with interference. EMI/RFI filters block both incoming and outgoing interference, keeping your device running smoothly without disrupting other equipment.

Single phase EMI/RFI filters provide acceptable levels of interference cancelling. When you need high levels of noise dampening, three phase filters provide the best interference negation. EMI/RFI filters are categorized by their voltage and current ratings, as well as their leakage current. Whatever the application, Tri-Mag, LLC has the EMI/RFI filter you need.

EMI Filter Applications

Our selection of EMI power line filters include single phase filters and three phase filters in an assortment of styles and configurations to meet your specific requirements. Along with promoting compliance with international EMI standards, EMI filters also make your system more reliable and allow you to save money long term by conserving power.

RFI and EMI filters by Tri-Mag meet a broad range of filtering needs for general purpose as well as industrial uses. Our EMI and RFI filters are designed, assembled and tested to ensure the best quality and performance for any power line application, including:

  • Modems
  • Hard-disk systems
  • Computers
  • Data terminals
  • Linear power supplies
  • Systems with switching power supplies
  • SMPS with on-board filter
  • Microprocessors
  • Digital test equipment
  • Transient suppression
  • Process control equipment
  • Machinery directive
  • Medical directive
  • Surge protection

Tri-Mag’s unmatched design capabilities, innovative solutions, and dedication to customer satisfaction guarantee the highest quality EMI filters for your needs. Our RFI and EMI filters are the best choice for superior power line filter design, safety, and performance.

EMI Filters Comply with International Industry Standards

Tri-Mag, as a subsidiary of Tri-Mag, LLC, offers superior RFI/EMI filter design and support for applications in a wide range of industries from telecommunications to medical equipment. Our entire line of EMI/RFI Filters is manufactured to the highest standards of quality, and they’re designed to guarantee your equipment meets FCC and CE regulations on conducted emissions.

Electronic devices generating more than 10 kHz of radio frequency energy must meet international EMI standards. If you have electronics or equipment exceeding radio frequency limitations, an EMI filter will suppress the interference and reduce the unwanted noise and disruptions. We design and assemble our EMI filters to guarantee compliance with all government emissions and safety requirements.

Thorough testing is performed on all our products to ensure each power line filter maintains the highest standard of quality. We test specifications such as hipot, grounding, component value, and leakage.

Leakage refers to small amounts of current leaked between the filter and ground, creating a potentially hazardous electric shock. For this reason, leakage current is regulated to prevent danger and injury. After our rigorous compliance testing, our EMI filters meet the demanding industry standards for safety and performance.

EMI/RFI Filters Designed to Meet Your Requirements

The vast line of EMI/RFI filters from Tri-Mag and Tri-Mag, LLC is designed to meet a wide range of needs throughout a full spectrum of industries. Our electrical component distributors provide everything from general purpose, single-phase and three-phase power line filters for use in digital test equipment, terminals, and communication systems, to specialized EMI/RFI Filters for use in medical equipment. Using the product links above or our Parametric Search page, check out our detailed specification sheets for any of our EMI/RFI filters to determine which product would best suit your needs.