Electrical Component Manufacturing for Industrial Power Supplies to Light the Future

Switching power supplies generate high-frequency noise that can cause EMI/RFI interference within the equipment powered by the supply as well as nearby equipment through radiated emissions. EMI/FRI filters reduce the conducted noise to enable the specific equipment to meat conducted, and in some cases, radiated emissions. Terminal blocks are used on power supplies for higher-current input and output connections.

  • Switching Power Supplies – Filters & blocks
  • Power Distribution Units – Filters & blocks

Electrical Components Engineered for Industrial Power Supplies

Tri-Mag, LLC is the leading manufacturer of innovative engineering solutions. Our superior quality electrical components are utilized in various aspects throughout numerous industries. Our expertly engineered EMI and RFI filters are highly effective in reducing electrical interference radiated from industrial power supplies. Tri-Mag, LLC provides a multitude of electrical connection solutions including barrier terminal blocks, DIN rail blocks, PCB blocks and custom terminal blocks. We utilize a wealth of EMI power line filter and terminal block knowledge to consistently produce top quality electrical components. Our solutions maximize performance and reliability in various sophisticated electronics.

EMI Power Line Filters for Switched-Mode Power Supplies

Switching power supplies generate high-frequency electronic noise causing interference within the equipment and to nearby equipment through radiated emissions. Tri-Mag, LLC pioneers innovative solutions for reducing the conducted and radiated electronic noise emissions in switched-mode power supplies. Each power line filter manufactured by Tri-Mag, LLC is thoroughly tested to ensure optimum performance, efficiency and reliability. Our high quality power line filters maximize efficiency in the most demanding industrial power supplies. Top rated power line filters from Tri-Mag, LLC guarantee industrial power supplies meet FCC emissions and safety regulations for radiant and conducted interference.

EMI Line Filters for Power Distribution Units

Our EMI line filters reduce electronic interference and maximize performance and reliability for power distribution units in many applications throughout numerous industries. Our quality power line filter solutions ensure reliability and performance in power distribution units. Constant testing and controlled assembly assure all governmental requirements on safety and emissions are met with each and every power line filter we manufacture.

Tri-Mag, LLC is the number one solution ensuring optimally functioning industrial power supplies. We produce top performing power line filters guaranteeing minimized electronic interference. Our electrical components facilitate maximized performance and efficiency in electronics through numerous industries. Tri-Mag, LLC performs rigorous testing to provide electrical components with consistent quality and precision.