Tri-Mag’s Electrical Component Applications

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Electrical Components for Industrial Technology

Motors and variable speed (frequency) drives associated with CNC equipment, HVAC blowers, elevator controls, and other motor controls can create electrical interference within data communications, mobile communications, displays, area lighting, etc. EMI/RFI filters help reduce interference noise levels to a degree that prevents service interruptions and improve data integrity. Terminal blocks are used in industrial equipment, including control boxes and wired support devices used for such equipment.

industrial power supply manufacturers

Electronic Components for Instrumentation Technology

Tri-Mag is the premier manufacturer of high quality electronic components for instrumentation technology. Only the highest quality instrumentation technology provides the level of precision and control necessary in process automation. Each and every electronic component manufactured by Tri-Mag, LLC for instrumentation technology is designed for optimum quality and tested for 100% safety and performance. From thoroughly tested RFI power line filters to expertly engineered terminal blocks, Tri-Mag is the unrivaled manufacturer of quality electronic components for instrumentation technology.

industrial power supply manufacturers

Electrical Component Manufacturing for Industrial Power Supplies to Light the Future

Switching power supplies generate high-frequency noise that can cause EMI/RFI interference within the equipment powered by the supply as well as nearby equipment through radiated emissions. EMI/RFI filters filters reduce the conducted noise to enable the specific equipment to meat conducted, and in some cases, radiated emissions. Terminal blocks are used on power supplies for higher-current input and output connections.

  • Switching Power Supplies – Filters & blocks
  • Custom terminal blocks
  • Power Distribution Units – Filters & blocks
industrial power supply manufacturers

Electrical Components for Telecom Solutions to Connect the World

Tri-mag is the leading electrical components distributor providing top quality terminal block and RFI power line filter solutions for telecommunications equipment. Our superior electrical component solutions guarantee telecommunications equipment meet even the most stringent NEBS and other industry regulations for safety and electronic noise emissions. All electronic components manufactured at Tri-Mag undergo meticulous testing to ensure the highest performance and safety. From RFI power line filters to custom terminal block solutions, Tri-Mag is the unsurpassed electrical component manufacturer providing superior electronic components for telecommunications equipment.

industrial power supply manufacturers

Electrical Components for Medical Device Technology

Tri-Mag manufactures superior quality electrical components for utilization in medical devices. All technology in medical environments must meet strict standards for radio frequency interference, electrical noise emission and susceptibility standards. All electrical components manufactured by Tri-mag are tested and guaranteed to meet all FCC and European standards for electronic components used in medical equipment. From RFI filters to barrier terminal blocks, Tri-Mag is the leading source for electrical components manufactured for medical technology utilization.

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Electrical Components for Commercial Use to Generate Profit

EMI/RFI filters reduce the electronic noise interference associated with switching power supplies used in high efficiency, i.e. LED, lighting. Power line filters also reduce noise generated by variable frequency drives used in elevators and other medium power motor driven equipment. Terminal blocks are available in a huge selection of sizes for any function.

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Electrical Components to Bring Innovative Ideas to Life

White goods and small appliances are required to meet the applicable EMI/RFI nose emissions and susceptibility standards of those countries in which they are sold. EMI/RFI filters enable various appliances to meet these strict requirements. Terminal blocks and connectors are used for wire connections within a variety of appliances.

industrial power supply manufacturers

Electrical Components for Machinery Control

Tri-Mag manufactures machinery control components for a wide variety of commercial and industrial machines. These DIN rail mounted control boxes and variable speed drives enable consistent and reliable operation for elevators, CNC machines, traffic lights and other industrial equipment.

industrial power supply manufacturers

Electrical Components for Aerospace Industry

Tri-Mag delivers quality electrical components for the Aerospace industry designed to withstand the temperature, shock, vibration, and altitude extremes associated with high elevation operations. From RFI filters for communication systems to barrier terminal blocks for aircraft engines, our electrical components help the Aerospace industry take flight in new directions and land continued advancements.

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Military Electrical Components

Tri-Mag’s 75 year history is a testament to our ongoing commitment to superior quality electrical components which are guaranteed to fulfill every FCC requirement. Among the wide range of areas Tri-Mag provides service for, military electrical requirements are among the strictest. Tri-Mag provides the highest quality electrical components for use by military equipment. It is vital for all technology utilized by military outfits to be reliable and guaranteed secure and productive.