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EMI and RFI Filters for Appliance Manufacturers

White goods and small appliances are required to meet the applicable EMI/RFI nose emissions and susceptibility standards of those countries in which they are sold. EMI/RFI filters enable various appliances to meet these strict requirements.

  • White goods
  • Commercial cooking equipment
  • Conveyor ovens
  • VFD controlled motors
  • Data/voice communications combined with motors

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EMI/RFI line filters for domestic appliances reduce electromagnetic noise from AC power lines. Improper electromagnetic noise suppression causes domestic appliances to interfere with radio signals from phones, computers and other electronics. Tri-Mag, LLC manufactures customized RFI filtering components for the commercial and domestic appliance industries. Unintentional radiators such as electric ovens, refrigerators and dryers need EMI/RFI filters to coexist with sensitive electronics.

Low-interference appliances build your company’s reputation for quality products. Many businesses cannot operate in the presence of radio-disruptive machinery and will always choose low interference equipment. Tri-Mag, LLC manufactures the customized parts you need to deliver the best products to your customers.

Power Line Filters for Appliances

Digital controls for high-output appliances require EMI/RFI filters for smooth and reliable operation. Electromagnetic interference from power lines and electrical motors disrupt computerized appliances and render them inoperable. Malfunctioning cooking appliances and other high-output machinery are a risk for fire and electric shock. Power line filters from Tri-Mag, LLC maintain your brand’s good name by keeping your appliances from emitting and receiving disruptive electromagnetic radiation.