DC-DC Converter Manufacturer

Wide Ranging DC to DC Converter Solutions

dc dc converter manufacturerTri-Mag, LLC, a DC to DC Converter Manufacturer, offers a full selection of DC to DC converters for a wide range of applications in numerous industries. Our vast DC power converter line spans from high voltage DC-DC converters, with a wide range of input voltage ratings for efficient operations in applications powered by unregulated voltage sources, to PCB mountable low voltage converters with high stable regulated output.

If we don’t have a design fitting your system, simply fill out our custom DC-DC converter design form for special products and quotes.

DC DC Converters for PCB Mounting

All the components on your PCB do not run on the same voltage. Step up or step down to the required voltage with a DC DC converter from Tri-Mag, LLC. Extremely stable and dependable, our selection of DC DC converters are perfect for use in a variety of applications.

Whether your firm is an OEM computer manufacturer or a healthcare industry equipment supplier, you can trust our DC-DC converters to provide years of trouble-free power conversion. Tri Mag, LLC manufactures converters from 1 Watt up to 60 Watts, for low and medium power uses. Single, double, and triple output models are available, as are units for wide range input.

Custom DC DC Converters Made to Order

dc dc converter manufacturerTri-Mag, LLC’s selection of standard DC-DC converters fulfills most requirements. When your firm needs a specialized DC DC converter, our power supply specialists are ready to make a custom piece to your specifications. We can make any DC DC converter you design. Choose the input, output, tolerance, current, load, ripple and operating temperature range, and Tri-Mag LLC will manufacture as many of your customized DC DC converters as you require. You pick the requirements and delivery date and we’ll take care of the rest.

Quality Products and Superior DC Power Converter Designs

Our DC DC converters are designed with quality, reliability and performance as top priorities. All our products are tested rigorously to ensure we meet all regulations and standards. From low power to high voltage DC DC converters, Tri-Mag has the consistent quality you can count on.

DC Power Supplies Offered by Top Manufacturer

dc dc converter manufacturerThere are 5 reasons Tri-Mag’s DC DC converters are the best offered on the market:

1. PCB Mountable

Our DC DC converters can be held straight in place with the print circuit board (PCB). This action is advantageous to the PCB, by giving it more open space for additional components. With more open space on the surface, you get added benefits like less weight, noise reduction and shock resistance.

2. High Stable Regulated Output

Take a high voltage input and convert it for use on low voltage electrical systems with a DC-DC converter. Our DC DC converter takes high voltage power and turns it into a consistent, stable, lower voltage stream.

3. Thermally Conductive Encapsulate

The DC DC converter is covered with an encapsulate, allowing it to dissipate heat more efficiently. This highly efficient method means your converter will last longer and continue delivering stable regulated power.

4. 100% Burn-In and Triple Tested

Tri-Mag scrutinizes our DC DC converters for any vulnerabilities. Each product we sell is triple tested for failure and cleared of any defects.

5. MTBF > 400,000 hours

The mean time between failure of our DC DC converters is over 400,000 hours. This means the converter will function for beyond this length of time without issue.

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