Tri- Mag Power Components for Local Industry

power components for industry

Affordable Premium Electrical Components

Tri-Mag has been serving prestigious businesses in the industrial sector for over three decades with our top-notch electrical components, and accessories. We specialize in DC-DC converters, EMI/RFI filters, and power supplies.  We are a subsidiary of industry giant Curtis Industries, and currently have established distributors in both the United States and Canada. Our number one area of focus is to provide our customers with a superior product that exhibits both the elements of exceptional performance and long-lasting durability; so you can be ensured your new electrical components are built to withstand the test of time. Our positive client feedback speaks for itself, as we seek to provide a customer service experience that is far superior to that of our competitors.

High Efficiency Components for the IT Industry

Tri-Mag is a leading supplier of custom electronic components to the information technology industry. We currently provide a wide variety of DC-DC converters, EMI/RFI filters, power supplies, and more! The IT field is expanding at an unprecedented rate, and is an incredibly competitive field.  We give our clients the upper-hand over their competitors by providing them with some of the best electrical components available. Our knowledgeable staff seeks to work with you personally in order to provide you with electrical solutions that best fit your individual needs.

EMI/RFI Filters for the Casino and Gaming Industry

Due to the large volume of sensitive data involved in the casino and gaming industry, only the best of the best electrical components and accessories will do. This is why Tri-mag is trusted by casinos nationwide to provide the highest quality electrical components possible such as defense grade EMI/RFI filters to block any potential hackers. We also manufacture an extensive selection of power supplies that many casinos rely on to operate their slot machines, server equipment, and other electronic equipment. As an added bonus, we have the ability to custom modify any of our power supplies to coincide with your specific output voltage requirements.

LED Industrial Lighting

power components for industryOne of our more popular industrial services is LED lighting. LED, an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, are industrial grade lights that are longer lasting, several times more efficient than standard fluorescent lighting, and incredibly versatile.  Because they require minimal amounts of electricity to operate, they are a great way to conserve energy and provide an extremely cost effective alternative to traditional lighting options. LED lights come in many different forms of shapes, sizes, and designs, which is why we here at Tri-Mag well work with you to set up a lighting system that best suits your business.

Industrial Machinery Electronics

Industries everywhere are beginning to rely heavily on the use of robotics and electronic machinery to increase efficiency, create a smoother process of streamlined product production, and replace jobs that once physically placed human workers in harm’s way. Industrial machinery and automated control systems are often calibrated to a very fine level of efficiency, and even one malfunctioning part can create havoc on the entire production line. Flawed equipment is often costly to repair, takes up a considerable amount of valuable time to fix, and sometimes requires that the technician order in specialty replacement parts. We understand the importance of providing our industrial clients with dependable electronic components to ensure that your business stays operating smoothly, and all of your electronics are in top-notch working condition. We currently provide industrial machinery components to the automotive, aerospace, military, and other prominent industries! Our clients place their faith in us to produce a quality product that meets their specific needs.

For industrial electrical solutions and components, set up a consultation with a Tri-Mag associate today!