Tri-Mag, LLC Joins Top Electrical Component Manufacturing Company

Electrical Component Distribution Companies Form a Winning Combination

Tri-Mag, LLC has been acquired by Tri-Mag, LLC, a top resource for engineering solutions based in Milwaukee, WI. Between Tri-Mag, LLC’ existing line of EMI/RFI filters and Tri-Mag, LLC’s extensive line of power supplies and DC-DC converters, we combine to make us your complete resource for all electrical and power supply solutions. Both Tri-Mag and Curtis have a reputation for superior quality and exceptional service. Combining two full ranging inventories of electrical components, you’re sure to find the solution for your application. With top products and amazing service, Tri-Mag, LLC and Tri-Mag, LLC form a winning team to offer electrical engineering solutions around the world.

Superior Electrical Components and Power Conversion Solutions

From DC-DC converters to custom power supply solutions, Tri-Mag, LLC and Tri-Mag, LLC are your resource for switching power supplies and electrical components. Both companies hold a reputation for producing the highest quality, longest lasting products for a variety of applications from medical to industrial. Through product design, controlled assembly and frequent testing we guarantee our products will suit your needs and consistently produce the highest quality performance. With the best power line filters, terminal blocks, power converters and other electrical components, you’ll find everything you need for your specific application through Tri-Mag, LLC and Tri-Mag, LLC.

A Top Resource for Electrical Engineering and Power Supply Solutions

With unmatched products, a reputation for quality and outstanding service, Tri-Mag, LLC and Tri-Mag, LLC have combined to form a winning team. Whether you’re looking for a power conversion solution or you simply want to know what electrical components are best for your specific application, our staff offers more than 70 years of expertise to help you find exactly what you need.  Trust Tri-Mag, LLC and Tri-Mag, LLC as your number one resource for the best products and service to meet all your power supply needs.