DE300 Series

Looking for a compact, enclosed power supply solution for telecom, IT or medical applications? The DE300 Series manufactured by Tri-Mag provides 300 Watts of electricity to a single output, with a universal input supporting 90 to 264 volts AC. The entire DE300 Series runs at very high efficiency, using the built-in Active Power Factor Correction to average between 89% and 91% electrical efficiency, depending on the model.

At a compact 3.3” x 5” x 2.16”, the space saving DE300 Series provides 9.6 Watts of energy per cubic inch. The built-in fan provides 24 cubic feet per minute of forced-air cooling, allowing the DE300 to stay with its maximum operating temperature of 65°C (149°F).

Looking for reliability? The DE300 will provide safe, reliable power in conditions as cold as -20°C (-4°F), Tri-Mag is committed to using quality components, including top-rated Molex input and output connectors. The full DE300 Series is approved for use as a medical power supply, as well as in IT equipment.


  • 83x127x55(mm) / 3.3″ x 5″ x 2.16″
  • Rated 300W
  • Molex input / Terminal block output
  • ITE/Medical dual safety approval
  • Built-in active PFC
  • Built-in forced air cooling
  • Single output models only


  • IT
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • Test Instrumentation Products
  • Data Acquisition

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NOTE: Contact factory for Safety Agency Approved status.

  1. Each output can provide up to peak load temporarily. Continuous operation at greater than rated load is not allowed.
  2. At factory, in 60% rated load condition, each output is checked to be within voltage accuracy.
  3. Line regulation is defined by changing ± 10% of input voltage from nominal line at rated load.
  4. Load regulation is defined by changing ± 40% of measured output load from 60% rated load.
  5. The rupple and noise is measured by using 15MHz bandwidth limited oscilloscope. Each output is terminated with a 0.47 µF capacitor at rated load and nominal line.
  6. Hold up time is measured from the end of the last charging pulse to the time when the main output drops down to 95% output voltage at rated load and nominal line.
  7. Efficiency is measured at rated load.