DT060AF Series

The DT060AF Series is a 60W external power supply (EPS) designed for both medical and ITE applications. The eco-friendly design is compliant with the new DOE Energy Conservation Standards for External Power Supplies.

With a 150% (90W) peak power rating, operating efficiencies >89% and no-load input power <0.15W, the DT060AF Series is ideal for ITE and medical equipment designs, including MOOP and 2X MOPP, that are compliant with 2016 conservation standards.


  • Level VI Energy Compliant
  • No Load Input Power < 0.15W
  • Average Efficiency > 89%
  • Eco-Friendly Design
  • UL/CSA/EN 60950-1 and UL/CSA/EN 60601-1 3rd Edition Compliant


  • ITE
  • Medical
  • Other Applications
wdt_ID Part No. Safety Input Outlook Output Voltage Wattage Size (mm) Size (in) EMI Standby Loss PFC PDF SPECS 3D PDF 3D CAD IGS/STEP


  1. Output Load: Rated 60W for convection cooling.
  2. Peak Load Duration: 90W peak rating for durations up to 5 sec. Ideal for motor-starting/in-rush conditions.
  3. Engineering Specification: Contact Tri-Mag for full engineering specification for the specific part number used in your design application.
  4. Standby Power Consumption with System: New external power supply (EPS) efficiency requirements have been established by the U.S. DOE (EPS) and the European ErP regulations. The no-load power consumption requirements are < 0.21W and < 0.15W respectively.
  5. Audible Noise: For the DT060AF-x energy saving series, achieving level VI (< 0.15W) standby power consumption is accomplished through burst mode operation of the controller. The burst operation frequency is dependent on load conditions and is approx. 114Hz, within the audible frequency range.
  6. Step Efficiency and Average Efficency: Test conditions in step efficiency are referred to 3.2.2 IPS (Internal Power Supply) of ENERGY STAR program requirements for computers. ENERGY STAR required for efficiency @ 20%, 50%, 100% load is 90%, 91%, 89%; average efficiency is the average of step efficiency.

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