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A leading manufacturer and distributor of power supplies, EMI filters, and DC-DC converters, Tri-Mag, LLC maintains a strong reputation for consistent quality and support. Our products are designed to the highest standards of quality, ensuring consistent performance in a full range of applications.

We offer a diverse line of power conversion solutions as well as custom design capabilities to fulfill your unique needs. Tri-Mag, LLC provides unending product support for our customers and has the expertise to ensure you find the information and product you need for your exact application. From industry leading power supplies and a quality line of EMI filters and DC converters, Tri-Mag, LLC is your resource for the highest quality electrical components.  Below, you’ll find all the latest news in the power conversion solutions industry from Tri-Mag LLC, a subsidiary of Tri-Mag, LLC.

Contact the leading power supply manufacturer, Tri-Mag LLC for more information on our wide variety of power conversion solutions.

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