DC – DC Converter Applications

DC Power Supplies Grow in Demand with Avionics

dc dc converter applicationsIf you’re looking for stable, consistent and reliable DC-DC converters, Tri-Mag is the solution. We’re the leading manufacturer of DC-DC converters, EMI/RFI filters, and power supply components. These products are vital components to many everyday applications. Keep your facility running at maximum efficiency with Tri-Mag DC-DC converters.

All electronic systems require unique voltage requirements to function properly. Our DC-DC converters allow each individual system to tap into a single high voltage source. This high voltage input is then converted through the DC-DC converter into a steady, low voltage output.

The output is regulated to match the needs of the electrical system connected to the converter. This regulated power is not only converted to the desired level, it’s offered in a consistent and stable form.

Direct Current is the Preferred Airplane Power Supply Converter

Many systems are becoming more reliant on electrical power. Aviation systems, new electronic vehicles and equipment across many industries are shifting to electric dependence.

With all of the different electrical systems at different power levels, each needing constant power, DC-DC converters of all shapes and sizes are employed to match each device’s specific needs.

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