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power supplies,  featuring small size, low cost and high efficiencyTri-Mag, LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of power supplies, EMI/RFI filters, and DC-DC converters. As a subsidiary of Curtis Industries, Tri-Mag maintains a strong reputation for providing the highest quality electrical components in the industry. From our standard products to custom designs, Tri-Mag offers a full range of power solutions, supported by the industry’s best customer service, for numerous products and applications. With a complete list of specifications and information for our ever expanding product line, we're here to help you find the right electrical component for your product.

It’s Our Commitment to:

We stay steps ahead of our competition to retain our reputation as the leading manufacturer and supplier for your power supply, EMI filter, and DC to DC converter needs.

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Unmatched EMI Filter Design and Support

Curtis Industries and Tri-Mag offer an unmatched line of EMI/RFI filters, perfect for a variety of applications. Every EMI filter undergoes rigorous testing to maintain the highest standard of quality. Our power line filters ensure your equipment meets international requirements (FCC, CE, CCC, etc.) for EMC compliance. We offer a wide range of RFI filters, from single-phase general purpose to three-phase power line filters, to make sure we offer the best solution for your particular needs. Search our complete line of EMI/RFI filters to find the exact part you're looking for.

EMI/RFI filters from Tr-Mag are designed and thoroughly tested to provide unmatched performance for a wide variety of power applications, including:

EMI/RFI Filters from Tri-Mag, LLC

Leading Manufacturer for Switching Power Supplies

switching power suppliesTri-Mag, LLC provides a wide variety of switching power supplies for medical, gaming, commercial, LED lighting and industrial applications. High efficiency, low cost power supplies from Tri-Mag, LLC are designed to meet the highest industry standards and perfectly suit your individual needs. From standard open-frame and ATX power supplies to custom power solutions, Tri-Mag, LLC has what you need. Search our entire line of electic power converters, each with detailed information to help you find the right power supply for your exact application.

Our Switching Power Supply Products Include:

When you buy a power supply product from Tri-Mag, you also receive a team of dedicated professionals whose sole purpose is to serve your electrical power needs.

DC-DC Converters, Designed to Suit Your Needs

DC-DC Converters designed to meet your needsFrom low power to high voltage, Tri-Mag offers a full range of DC-DC converters. We are your number one resource for all your DC voltage conversion needs.  Our DC-DC converters will meet any customer’s design requirements. Already know what you need? Search our DC-DC converter designs to find an electrical component for your specific product.

Our wide array of DC-DC converters include:

Our DC-DC converters have many applications and solutions for:

We guarantee all DC-DC converters from Tri-Mag meet and exceed all industry standards and regulations. We don’t forget about your standards either, which is why we meticulously inspect all of our products to ensure excellence, dependability, and performance on your end.

Whatever your DC-DC conversion needs are, we have you covered. Our top-notch quality service speaks for itself. If you need a custom design, contact us and we’ll work with you to create the perfect custom DC-DC converter.

Electronic Components Manufacturer Providing Top Solutions

Tri-Mag, LLC has a long standing reputation for providing superior-quality power conversion components. Tri Mag, LLC, a subsidiary of Curtis Industries, is your number one resource for power conversion components. From standard high-efficiency power supplies, DC-DC converters and custom designs to unmatched support for all our products, we take pride in being a first class supplier of power conversion solutions.

Contact your expert electrical component manufacturer, Tri-Mag, LLC, for more information on superior EMI filters, power supplies, and DC- DC converters.

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